For your  business?

Use our Web-Based platform to Impress your cutomers with on-demand delivery and dispatch your orders instantly.

Verified carriers and insured packages.

Your business packages are insured by default against damage or loss.

For personal use?

Forget your keys? or maybe want so send something to a friend?

Maybe want to send your shopping bags home?

Download Zeew App and get carrier in minutes!

Live Dispatch for your business.

Real-time tracking; means you and your customers can always see where the delivery is on the map.

This visibility helps make for smoother pickups and dropoffs. No more nervous phone calls from customers.


Cheaper than Taxi!

You pay only for one-way delivery and it arrives in less than 40 mins!

And if you are a business it is even better, When you tap into the Zeew network, you pay only for the deliveries you make. Nothing more. And because delivery partners don't need to make round trips, you can actually expand your delivery zone ;)

Delivery right when you need it. 

When customers are waiting, every minute counts.

Send stuff in minutes!

*available for android and ios

Get it to your smartphone

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