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Category Management

  • Add New: Available categories are listed in the table view in this admin section. It enables admin user to search in category by its title, id, description, keywords and status (active or inactive). Category edit form enable admin user to edit and add new categories.
  • Manage Category: Manage categories or product attributes flawlessly to sell multiple food items of any range or quantity.

Offers Functionality

  • First Time User Offer: You might want to give your customers first Time user offer? This is the reason zeew app is awesome! It permits you, the restaurant owner, to make First time user offer in view of the conditions and activities you set.
  • Normal Offer: Restaurant owner can likewise set typical offers at the back end and this offer is applicable just when the order is put over some specific amount.

Facebook Ordering

  • In the Facebook ordering user can create the Facebook page and connects it with the site and from that Facebook page customers can make an order.

Plug-in script

  • By using the plug-in script the user can create the individual web page for that restaurant and then by using that web page the customers can be able to place the orders

Customer management

  • Customer management will permit the administrator to seek customer(s) by its name, email and status. Notes about customer can be incorporated. The administrator can activate/inactivate a customer.

Reports Management

  • Restaurant owners can view reports like orders, customer, order status, payment type, etc. Report on sales per month/ per week and orders per month/ per week can be extracted. A review of how many numbers of orders have been put by the clients in which month can be shown. Execution of the business is very much followed week after week, month to month and gives upgraded budgetary observing.


  • Admin can create many vouchers as you want to preferable voucher single/multiple use, price/percentage offer and validity date. Effortlessly generate different coupon codes for discounts, special offers based on price rules for orders. Discount vouchers may be obtained through the email or online with the terms of the voucher identifying the start and ending dates.

Customer Profile Management

  • This feature is used to maintain customer’s profile. Customers have to provide their first name under this option. Customers have to provide their last name. Phone number and Email address of the customers have to be provided. Customers can update their information using this option.

Card management

  • Credit cards that are available to pay the bill amount are listed. Customers can delete the card according to their preference. Customers can also add the card according to their criteria


  • The customer can add money to the wallet using card to proceed the transaction with wallet payment and also can withdraw the money from wallet to their own bank account if needed. Customers can view their balance amount of their wallet. All the paid, received and Top-up transactions done by the customer with their details will be listed in the transaction history page.

Book a table

  • Table reservation can be made by the customers in ahead by mentioning exact date and time which saves time during hustle hours or weekends when they dine in the restaurant. Table reservation can be done by just visiting the website or App.

Menu Management

  • Under this option food menu of the restaurants are displayed based on the category.


  • Attractive offers set by the owners in a particular restaurant are displayed under this option. The customers can be able to pick their favourite food at discounted prices and enjoy at the comforts of their homes.


  • All the reviews of a particular restaurant are displayed under this. These reviews are written by the customers on all aspects of the restaurant.

Coupon Apply

  • Customers can make use of coupons created by admin while purchasing the food items to avail discounts. Available coupons can be applied by the customers.

Payment Integration

  • Customers can make their payment using Cash on delivery, PayPal, ZeewPay or Stripe. Any additional payment gateway integration will comes in additional cost and timeline.

Wallet Payment Functionality

  • E-Wallet allows user to have an active balance which they could use to place an order.
  • If the order amount is within the wallet amount, then the user is able to place the order by simply clicking on the proceed button.
  • If the order amount surpasses the wallet amount, at that point the customer won’t have the capacity to place the order for the rest of the amount to be paid. The customer will be provoked to choose any of the other Multi-payment option

Instant order notification

  • Instant Order notifications are received by restaurant owners about new orders placed by the customers. When they receive these notifications, they can pass them to their internal order management system and then process the orders.

Restaurant Owner Settings

  • Profile: Restaurant owner has the option of creating an account and are provided with Admin access. All their details are saved under admin records. Restaurant owners can maintain their settings and can add, edit details.
  • Change Password: This webpage will allow the restaurant owners to update the password. To update the password, restaurant owners are required to provide the old password and then new password can be updated by inserting twice.
  • Logout: This option allows the restaurant owners to log out from the settings page.

Order History

  • Filter by day, month, week and year: It’s a tool that helps restaurant owners to boost and maintain the profitability of their business. As it is an online based tool one can access anywhere and at anytime. The completed order list is well tracked daily, weekly, monthly and provides enhanced financial monitoring. Report on orders per month/ per week can be extracted.
  • Filter by date picker: Restaurant owners can filter the order list using a date picker widget. A restaurant owner can track and analyze their business, flexible with good security and daily balancing control.

Ongoing order list

  • Drivers can view the list of ongoing orders. Through this option, the driver will have an idea about ongoing orders so that easy and quick delivery is possible.

Waiting order list

  • Drivers can also view the orders that are waiting list. This will help to prioritize the work and rapid delivery is possible to delight the customers.

Route map

  • Drivers can view all orders based on the location displayed on a map. Drivers can make use of the maps to route warehouse and customer location.

Driver status

  • On duty, off duty: Drivers can set their status, whether they are available or on a break or end of shift, offline, etc. They can set their status as on duty or off duty based on their availability

Driver profile

  • Edit profile Details: Drivers can edit their profile details like their phone number, name, etc. They can also upload their profile picture which can be viewed by restaurant owners and the customers
  • Driver daily invoice: Driver daily invoice is generated for the delivered products of the driver on a particular day. This invoice is a receipt for the driver which states the delivery history along with all the information. It is very helpful for the driver as he can maintain the detailed information on delivered products. This way, driver can easily get his payment for the service provided.

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