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Dashboard with overall sales details

A dashboard for admin is to view total orders, commission, turnover and sales details. Administrator panel gives you an altered handle of the general outline of a site. zeew app gives user interface segments that make your work simpler.


  • Change password: If you have forgotten your admin password, you can reset it by means of email from the zeew app dashboard login page by entering Username or E-mail. You will get an email to Reset Password.

Sub Admin

Sub admin can also login and can access the admin backend. They can also modify site pages, add events, and customize the contact database.


  • Site settings: You can design the general, worldwide, and include particular data for your site on the Settings board. Logo, Site name, motto, Mission explanation, analytics code, mail setting, invoice, offline, SMS, meta tag, language, mail chimp, Facebook, Google+, pusher notification and so on can be given on the Site information administrator page.
  • Payment settings: Admin can set how they want to receive payment for orders placed in their online ordering system. They can choose to receive payment in cash, by credit card etc.
  • Language Settings: Language settings can be done for the website. The language barriers are broken down with the built-in language studio that displays the application in a user-specific language, including English, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, German and French.
  • Promotion banners: Admin can set promotional banners on image based to promote their product or restaurant or to get visitors from the host website to go to the advertiser’s website. Promotional banners help to create brand awareness, generate leads and re- target an audience.
  • Third party credentials: Google login, Facebook login can be incorporated with the website by the restaurant owners. Customers can login to the Google, Facebook account to refer friends through email address and receive offers if their friends sign up in the website.


  • Add New: Restaurant owners can add new cuisines seamlessly to sell multiple food items of any range or quantity.
  • Manage Cuisines: They can manage cuisines and add new menus effortlessly.

Category Management

  • Add New: Available categories are listed the table view in this admin section. It enables admin user to search by category, by its title, id, description, keywords and status (active or inactive). Category edit form enable admin user to edit and add new categories.
  • Manage Category: Manage categories or product attributes flawlessly to sell multiple food items of any range or quantity.


  • Add New: Restaurant owners can make their menus more professional by adding new add-ons. Fresh toppings add-ons help to extend their business and happy user experience of their customers.
  • Manage Add-ons: The speciality of the restaurant can be presented by displaying the restaurant’s special food menu. Admin can easily manage add-ons that will help the customers to treat themselves for the required toppings and add-ons to their orders.


  • Manage & Add New Restaurant: Details related to contact information, restaurant information, restaurant open and close timings, Various settings in dispatch, collection, delivery process, minimum order, multiple delivery area, delivery charge, order information, commission and invoice period, Delivery distance, Delivery estimation Time , Order Information, commission, Payment information, Invoice period, Promotion, Meta Tag can be set up.
  • Restaurant menu: Restaurant owners can add new menus seamlessly to sell multiple food products of any range or quantity. They can manage and add new food items effortlessly.
  • Restaurant Offers: Restaurant owners can set offers to their customers. Offers are provided on the basis of cost and validity. Henceforth a large number of customers are attracted towards the store. A good online traffic is provided to the restaurant owners.
  • Restaurant Reviews: Take on your customers and promote sales with the option to leave SEO-friendly product reviews on your website.

Offers Functionality

  • First User Offer: Might you want to give your customers first user offer? This is the reason zeew app is awesome! It permits you, the restaurant owner, to make First user offer in view of the conditions and activities you set.
  • Normal Offer: Restaurant owner can likewise set typical offers at the back end and this offer is applicable just when the order is put over some specific amount.

Facebook Ordering

In the Facebook ordering user can create the Facebook page and connects it to the site and from that Facebook page customers can make an order.

Plug-in script

By using the plug-in script the user can create the individual web page for that restaurant and then by using that web page the customers can be able to place the orders

Orders (Pick-up/Delivery)

Admin can set two options to collect orders as pick-up/ delivery. The customer can collect their ordered item in the allotted time or through the delivery boy.


  • Manage Order: This will allow the restaurant owners to manage orders for the delivery process. All the orders can be managed with ease for delivering the items.
  • Assign Driver: Drivers can be assigned for delivery process per the location. Assigned driver will get the notification to deliver the food items.
  • Track order & Driver location: Driver location tracking is available for the restaurant owners to track the drivers when they are out for the delivery process. All delivered food items can be tracked easily.

New Dispatch

Every restaurant can have their own dispatch system with delivery boy to deliver products to the customer efficiently. We help to track delivery drivers efficiently by restaurant owners, allow customers to track their delivery from start to finish and make sure we can send multiple deliveries with ease.


  • Newsletter: Admin can send mail to all customers (or) selected customers. Newsletter management is a softer form of advertising that respects the consumer, creating loyal and returning customers. Information about food items, offers can be emailed to customers and make them to buy items immediately, thus makes a way to enhance the business.
  • CMS: CMS to add/edit information like About Us, Contact Us etc. The overall restaurant information can be provided using this interface. The logo and cover image of the restaurant can be set up. The inbuilt CMS editor allows you to modify and organize the content that distinguishes your restaurant from the rest of the competitors
  • Payment Method: Admin panel can Enable/Disable payment methods (COD, PayPal, Stripe). For restaurant owners, it is extremely simple to configure payment options for online food orders for both pickup and delivery. As soon as you have configured payment options, they will automatically appear in the online ordering widget for customers.

Manage Location

  • Country: List of countries for display in the web page can be easily added or removed by using this option.
  • State: Required states are listed under countries based on the input given by the admin.
  • City: Cities under states can be listed under this option. Admin can add or remove the list of cities.
  • Area/ Zip code: Available Area/ Zip code for order delivery can be set up through this option.

Customer management

Customer management will permit the administrator to seek customer(s) by its name, email and status. Notes about customer can be incorporated. The administrator can activate/inactivate a customer.


Order processing details of restaurants are generated for weekly once/twice through invoice management systems. Invoice management reduces saddle of the restaurant owners concerning cash delivery from the site owners. Supervision panel can view the order dispensation details of restaurants with commission charges and service tax accurately in a trouble-free manner. This is applicable for both restaurant and supervision panel.

Reports Management

Restaurant owners can view reports like orders, customer, order status, payment type, etc. Report on sales per month/ per week and orders per month/ per week can be extracted. A review of how many numbers of orders have been put by the clients in which month can be shown. Execution of the business is very much followed week after week, month to month and gives upgraded budgetary observing.


Customers can order from multiple restaurants and get their food items delivered at their doorstep. Allows customers to quickly and easily reorder the previously purchased food items and make changes as per their ease.


The admin can add, manage and Reassign Drivers. Delivery Manager empowers the owners to enhance the proficiency of the local delivery. The result of every conveyance is recorded by the conveyance driver application. It deals with the conveyance business effortlessly. You can payout for drivers using per- order/ distance options.


Admin can create many vouchers as you want to preferable voucher single/multiple use, price/percentage offer and validity date. Effortlessly generate different coupon codes for discounts, special offers based on price rules for orders. Discount vouchers may be obtained through the email or online with the terms of the voucher identifying the start and ending dates.

Surge pricing

Increase delivery charges when there is high demand OR decrease delivery charges to increase sales.

Courier reviews & rating

Your clients can review the order as well as the courier 

Contactless delivery

Your users can choose to have their order delivered contactless and you are able to see which orders are contactless and which are not.

Auto dispatch and order assign

The restaurant accepts orders, the order is dispatched to the nearest available courier to the pick up location

Charge partners on a commission based on fixed monthly subscription 
Our market place allows you to offer both models commissions based and fixed monthly to your partners
Delivery charge conditioning based on order total value

Our marketplace allows you to adjust delivery charges, let’s say if order value is more than $10 then delivery charges would be $2 and if less than $10 then delivery charges would be $3 etc.

We are the only platform in the market that allows Voice ordering, Text Ordering, Image Ordering and Request a courier


Business models:

1. Marketplace, Single stores, Chains & Franchises.
2. Last mile delivery.


Marketplace / Chains, franchises, centralized menu & single stores.


Key unique features:

  • Basics
  • Mobile Apps
        1. Customer App (IOS, Android)
        2. Vendor App (Android)
        3. Driver App (IOS, Android)
  • White-labeling, Theme and UI
        1. Flexible white-labeled frontend design.
        2. Mobile Responsive.
        3. Custom HTML for home page.
        4. Custom CSS for the whole website.
        5. Instagram Stories.
        6. Custom Domain.
        7. Custom SMS Sender Name.
        8. Customized emails, notifications and SMS.
  • Hosting & Security
      1. AWS Servers.
      2. SSL Certificate.
      3. Regular Security Updates.
  • Analytics
  • Advanced analytics.

Access a unified dashboard to manage your marketplace with ease. Track, control and moderate listings, users and transactions. Monitor your marketplace growth with integrated tracking statistics and quick access to Analytics.

  • Mobile analytics.

With the help of our integrations with 3rd party tools like Firebase and AppsFlayer.

  • Strategic marketing features
  • Mobile sliders (Dynamic UI control):

Admin can control the customer app home screen dynamically with many different sliders: Stores, Products, Banners, Offers in banners or stories style.

  • Rewards system:

The loyalty points feature that allows customers to earn points on every order and it can be enabled/disabled per store.

  • Vouchers

Creating voucher codes that can be restricted to specific order modes.

  • Offers:

Admin can set auto applied offers per store and the system selects automatically the best value offer to be applied.

  • Referral system:

Allowing customers to refer their friends to the platform and earn extra credit in their wallets after placing the first order of the referred one.

  • Advanced ordering functions
  • Multistore ordering

Admin can specify custom stores to allow customers to order from multiple stores at same time, and assign the same driver to collect and deliver his orders.

  • Periodic plans.

Stores can have a set of products in one periodic plan to be ordered on a weekly/monthly basis that allow customers to order one monthly plan and pre-select all products inside it.

  • Voice ordering

Customers can place orders using voice messages that admin can listen through the dashboard and modify prices manually before accepting the order.

  • Text ordering

Customers can place orders using text items that admin can read through the dashboard and modify prices manually before accepting the order.

  • Image ordering 

Customers can place orders using an image that admin can check through the dashboard and modify prices manually before accepting the order.

  • Request a courier 

Customers can request a courier to pick an item from a place and deliver to another place that admin can validate through the dashboard and modify prices manually before accepting the order.

  • Courier assignment functions
  • Courier geo tagging

Admin can restrict specific zones to each courier to get orders assigned inside those zones only.

  • Send to all 

Orders will be sent to all available couriers and the first one who accepts it, will be assigned to deliver it.

  • Nearest available 

Orders will be sent to the nearest courier based on location at acceptance time.

  • Batchwise

Order will be sent to a batch of couriers and if no one accepts the order, it will be sent to the next batch of couriers..

  • Manual assignment 

Admin can assign/change assignee manually from dashboard.

  • Multiple Dispatchers

Admin can choose between Zeew, Cordic or Stuart dispatchers

  • Advanced geofencing system
  • Polygon geofencing

Admin can set delivery zones for each store by drawing custom polygons over the map and each zone can have different delivery fees.

  • Circle geofencing

Admin can set delivery zones for each store by drawing circles over the map centralized from the store address and each zone can have different delivery fees.

  • District polygon geofencing

With the help of openstreetmap APIs, admin can use the ready made polygon districts for each store and add different delivery fees for each zone.

  • Global delivery zones

Admin can set global delivery zones in circles that will overwrite all stores delivery settings instead of adding different zones for each store.

  • Admin permissions control  
  • Super admin

The platform owner who have access for all permissions

  • Multi Vendor, branch & fulfillment centers panels

The vendor of each store that can access/edit his store details through the vendors dashboard based on the given permissions.

  • Subadmins (Customized permissions)

Admin dashboard users who are created by super admin with specific permissions and limited access.

  • Listing Management
  • Creation & Organization:
    Our listing builder lets your vendors create powerful listings in a single step. You can set up various listing creation forms with many fields for each category of listings.
  • Search:
    provides a multi-criteria search engine (location, keywords, category). Listings can be sorted by categories and filtering tools.
  • Bulk Import/Export:
    Export your listing from your admin panel at any time using CSV files. Massive data import can be performed by our team on demand.
        1. Stores upload
        2. Category / Sub-category upload
        3. Menu item upload
  • Verified Stores

Mark specific stores as verified and add extra params to their products like: Ingredients, Calories, Allergens and Disclaimer.

  • Logistics Menu 

Add extra product params like: width, height, volume, size and return policy.

  • Custom Product VAT

Admin can set custom VAT value to specific products that overwrite platform global VAT.

  • Custom Product Commission

Admin can set custom commision value to specific products that overwrite store commision value.

  • Multichannel ordering

All channels are controlled by admin and can be enabled/disabled per store.

  • Dine in / QR ordering.

Customers can place their orders while being inside the store and specify seat/table no.

  • Table booking.

Customers can book a table on a specific date if store allows table booking

  • Delivery ordering.

Customers can place delivery orders and specify delivery custom time and custom address.

  • Pickup ordering.

Customers can place pickup orders and specify custom pickup time.

  • Moving Stores

Customers can see moving stores over the map and place orders based on their location and availability.

  • Multiple order types
  • Physical / Digital Products.

Products store type that allows normal customers to list those stores and place orders on them based on store working hours.

  • Services.

Services store type that allows normal customers to reserve a slot of the dynamically generated slots based on slots availability.

  • B2B

Suppliers store type that allows stores only to list those suppliers and place B2B orders on them.

  • Payment options
    1. Wallet feature
    2. Cash on delivery 
    3. Card on delivery 
    4. Online payment (Stripe, Ipay88, Pay-Tabs & more)
    5. Paypal
    6. Apple pay 
    7. Google pay

  • Reporting & Finance Management 
    1. Auto generated invoices 
    2. Vendor invoices 
    3. Courier invoices
    4. Periodic invoices 
    5. Filtered Reports
    6. Multiple courier payout systems
    7. Courier Cash in hand tracking

  • Courier Payout Modes
    1. Per Order
    2. Per Distance (Km)
    3. Per Distance (Km) with base price
    4. Percentage of delivery fees
    5. Courier Tipping

Last mile delivery

Key unique features:

  1. Mobile Apps
    1. (Client) Vendor App (Android)
    2. Driver App (IOS, Android)

  2. Analytics
    1. Advanced analytics.
    2. Mobile analytics.

  3. Strategic marketing features
    1. Customizable Website

  4. Courier assignment functions
    1. Courier geo tagging
    2. Send to all 
    3. Nearest available 
    4. Batchwise
    5. Manual assignment

  5. Advanced geofencing system
    1. Polygon geofencing
    2. Circle geofencing
    3. District polygon geofencing
    4. Global delivery zones

  6. Admin permissions control  
    1. Super admin
    2. Client admin panel
    3. Subadmins (Customized permissions)

  7. Reporting & Finance Management 
    1. Auto generated invoices 
    2. Client invoices 
    3. Courier invoices
    4. Periodic invoices 
    5. Reports
    6. Multiple courier payout systems
    7. Courier Cash in hand tracking

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