Some features could be found below, for more please read our product documentation

Search by area and current location

  • The addresses of the restaurants are identified by the customers using this option and also the necessary criteria can be filtered by the customers using this option. This option is very user friendly for the customers.

Filter by order

  • By default, all orders will be listed in the Order page. On demand, the list of orders will become very long in time, it is important to have a few well-chosen filtering options. However, these orders can be filtered with 3 options. This will enable the owners of the restaurant to manage the orders easily and run their business without any confusion.


  • In this option, all orders placed by customers can be viewed by the Restaurant owner and necessary actions can be taken based on that. This view gives a complete list of orders to know about the ongoing business. Status on number of orders can be analysed.


  • This option filters the list of orders made by customers for takeaway food. It displays when the customer wants food to be ready and packed for takeaway. Based on the timeline, food can be prepared and made ready for the customers.


  • List of orders opted for home delivery can be filtered by the restaurant owners using this option. Food can be delivered to customer’s home as per the turnaround time. Restaurant owners can prioritise the orders and manage the food delivery process efficiently.

Choose Your Cuisine

  • Customers can discover restaurants of their preferred cuisine. They can choose food according to their frame of mind from hundreds of menus.

List of restaurant based on the area search

  • A list of restaurants will be displayed based on the customer’s search area. When they click on a particular restaurant, they will be taken into that restaurant’s website.

Customer Profile Management

  • This feature is used to maintain customer’s profile. Customers have to provide their first name under this option. Customers have to provide their last name. Phone number and Email address of the customers have to be provided. Customers can update their information using this option.

Address Management

  • Customers can edit or delete their address. Customers can add their preferred address.

Change Password

  • If customer wants to change the password they can change it easily by providing the username. The password change link will be sent to the registered email address and password can be updated instantly.

Card management

  • Credit cards that are available to pay the bill amount are listed. Customers can delete the card according to their preference. Customers can also add the card according to their criteria


  • The customer can add money to the wallet using card to proceed the transaction with wallet payment and also can withdraw the money from wallet to their own bank account if needed. Customers can view their balance amount of their wallet. All the paid, received and Top-up transactions done by the customer with their details will be listed in the transaction history page.

Table history

  • All the previous table bookings of the customer are listed under this option.

Book a table

  • Table reservation can be made by the customers in ahead by mentioning exact date and time which saves time during hustle hours or weekends when they dine in the restaurant. Table reservation can be done by just visiting the website or App.

Menu Management

  • Under this option food menu of the restaurants are displayed based on the category.

Restaurant Information

  • Customers can view the opening and closing time of restaurants for deliveries. Whenever the timings are edited according to the restaurant’s convenience edited timing is displayed to the customers.


  • Attractive offers set by the owners in a particular restaurant are displayed under this option. The customers can be able to pick their favorite food at discounted prices and enjoy at the comforts of their homes.


  • All the reviews of a particular restaurant are displayed under this. These reviews are written by the customers on all aspects of the restaurant.

Select your choice

  • Customers can select the option for delivery based on their preferred criteria, whether it is picking- up option or delivery.

Pick- up

  • The customer can enter /add address or even multiple addresses and can select the pickups. They can collect their items in the allotted time.


  • Customers can choose their delivery time slot from each restaurant. Dispatch system is a procedure for delivery drivers or vehicles to customers.

Order Summary

  • All the order details are displayed for customers in this page once the order is placed.

Restaurant name and address

  • Restaurants name and address are displayed in this section.

Added menu

  • Available list of menu is added by the restaurant owner.

Add your instructions

  • Any instructions can be displayed to the customer using this feature.

Restaurant Bill

  • Under this option, the bill for all the orders placed by the customers for their restaurant are displayed for the accounting purposes.

Coupon Apply

  • Customers can make use of coupons created by admin while purchasing the food items to avail discounts. Available coupons can be applied by the customers.

Proceed to check-out

  • After all the above procedures are completed customers are taken to proceed to the checkout page.

Address Info

  • All the delivery address is displayed for customers on this page once the order is placed.

In-range address

  • Delivery option can be set up for up to certain locations. It can be determined by using the pin codes

Out-range address

  • If an address provided by the customer is out of range, delivery option will be available for the customer.

Add new address

  • New address can be added. Delivery charges can be fixed based on the radius of the address.

Choose your Delivery time

  • When “later” option is selected by the customer while booking the table, they have to provide the correct date and time. When “Now” option is selected by the customer they have to click the ASAP option.


  • Wallet payment details are displayed for customers in this page.

Check-box to select wallet payment

  • Customers have to choose the check- box to select wallet payment whenever they pay the bill amount using the wallet.

Load Money

  • The customer can stack cash to the wallet utilising card to continue the transaction with wallet payment.

Pay on Delivery

  • Cash on delivery option is available. Customers can pay for the purchased items during pick up or to the delivery boy.

Payment Integration

  • Customers can make their payment using PayPal. PayPal is the speedier, more secure approach to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. As a matter of course, we are providing PayPal standard integration, which is accepting PayPal account and credit card payments. Any additional payment gateway integration will comes in additional cost and timeline.

Wallet Payment Functionality

  • E-Wallet allows storing multiple credit card and bank account numbers in a secure environment, and dispensing with the need to enter in an account data when making your payment.
  • If the order amount is within the wallet amount, then the user can be able to place the order by simply clicking on the proceed button.
  • If the order amount surpasses the wallet amount, at that point the customer won’t have the capacity to place the order for the rest of the amount to be paid. The customer will be provoked to choose any of the other Multi-payment option

Orders Page

  • List of orders placed by the customers are in displayed. When the customer clicks on a particular order it will take them to the orders view page.
  • Status change has been displayed in every order.
  • When the driver changes the status to “Collected” track order will be enabled.
  • When the order is successfully delivered Review button will be enabled and then the user can give their reviews.

Offers Functionality

  • First User Offer: When you place the first order in any of the restaurants, First user offer is applied. This offer will be applied if the order is placed above some particular amount and it will be updated automatically on the back-end.
  • Normal Offer: This offer is applied when an order is placed above some particular amount and it will set at the back-end.

Coupons Management

  • Coupon details are displayed for customers in this page.


  • Customers can make use of Coupons based on the price offered by the restaurant owners for single and multiple purchases.


  • Coupons are provided on the basis of percentage. Henceforth a large number of customers are attracted towards the restaurant.

Free delivery

  • When the customer purchases the food item above some mentioned amount by the owners of the restaurant free delivery is provided.

Login Page

  • New user: Customers can sign up for a login account and order food items as per their requirements. Customers will be asked to enter basic information like full name, username, password, address, email address and phone number.
  • User login: Customers can login with the username and password once they sign up in this webpage. Various menus can be viewed and ordered after the login.
  • Forget password: If a customer forgets the password, it can be easily recovered by providing the username. The password reset link will be sent to the registered email address and password can be updated instantly.
  • Remember me: Remember me checkbox will maintain username and password for a user when a user visits next time.
  • Facebook login: Facebook login is integrated with the website. It can be used by the customers to avail discounts and refer to their friends.
  • Google login: Google login is also incorporated with the website. Customers can login to the Google account to refer friends through email address and receive offers if their friends sign up in the website.