Some features could be found below, for more please read our product documentation

Instant order notification

  • The Driver will receive the notifications instantly when a dispatched order is assigned by the restaurant owners. Accordingly, they can proceed in the delivery process.

Driver Signup

  • Drivers can sign up for a login account. Drivers will be asked to enter basic information like full name, username, password, address, email address and phone number.

Ongoing order list

  • Drivers can view the list of ongoing orders. Through this option, the driver will have an idea about ongoing orders so that easy and quick delivery is possible.

Waiting order list

  • Drivers can also view the orders that are waiting list. This will help to prioritise the work and rapid delivery is possible to delight the customers.

Completed order list

  • List of completed orders can be filtered based on date, month and year. This helps in improving the business.

Order status

  • Accept, Collected, Delivered: The status of the order can be viewed by the driver whether it has been accepted, collected or delivered.

Route map

  • Drivers can view all orders based on the location displayed on a map. Drivers can make use of the maps to route warehouse and customer location.

Cancel order status

  • Traffic, accident, breakdown, road block, other: Drivers can hold the orders during delivery due to traffic, accident, breakdown, puncture, road block etc.

Driver status

  • On duty, off duty: Drivers can set their status, whether they are available or on a break or end of shift, offline etc. They can set their status as on duty or off duty based on their availability

Driver profile

  • Edit profile Details: Drivers can edit their profile details like their phone number, name, etc. They can also upload their profile picture which can be viewed by restaurant owners and the customers
  • Driver daily invoice: Driver daily invoice is generated for the delivered products of the driver on a particular day. This invoice is a receipt for the driver which states the delivery history along with all the information. It is very helpful to the driver as he can maintain the detailed information on delivered products. This way, driver can easily get his payment for the service provided.

Order details

  • The driver can view the exact order details once the restaurant owner assigns the dispatched orders.

Proof of Delivery (customer signature)

  • The driver can easily receive signatures from the customers through a device once the order is delivered.