#1 Food delivery system in market
#1 Food delivery system in market

#1 Food delivery system in market

Get your food delivery startup live in 1 Week!.
Using our white label solution you can launch your own food delivery startup with leading food delivery system by Zeew.

European product quality guranteed!

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Eater Web Ordering
Restaurant Web
Super Admin
Using our client web ordering app, users are able to see near by restaurants, built their cart and place an order. Users are able to track thier order steps, see thier wallet balance, referrals and more. Choose location Riga, Lativa.
  1. Login: tester3@zeew.eu
  2. Pass: kokowawa
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Using our restaurant web admin, restaurant owners can over see total sales, edit menues, dispatch orders to their couriers (if you allow from super admin), see invoices and more.    
  1. Login: candycorner@zeew.net
  2. Pass: 123
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Using our Super admin panel you are able to over see all operations, sales, restaurants, couriers, invoices, customers, rewards, Multi language, payments, dispatcher and more.  
  1. Login: tester@zeew.eu
  2. Pass: kokowawa
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Pricing Table


Monthly Starter
  • You own ordering website
  • Unlimited locations for your business
  • Single Store or Multi-Store
  • Special offers
  • Customers list
  • Invoices daily/weekly/monthly
  • Menu management
  • Reviews
  • Vouchers
  • Reports
  • Sales overview dashboard
  • 100% Whitelabel
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Monthly Silver
  • You own ordering website
  • Your own ordering apps on Android & iOS
  • Unlimited locations for your business
  • Single Store or Multi-Store
  • Special offers
  • Customers list
  • Invoices daily/weekly/monthly
  • Menu management
  • Reviews
  • Vouchers
  • Reports
  • Customer Wallet
  • Customer Reward points
  • Referral points
  • Sales overview dashboard
  • 100% Whitelabel
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Monthly Gold

All you need to run an UberEats like company

  • All features on Starter & Silver
  • Your branded 8 apps hosted by us
  • Eater app android
  • Eater app iOS
  • Eater ordering web
  • Restaurant app
  • Restaurant web
  • Courier app android
  • Courier app iOS
  • Super Admin with all features in other packages
  • 100% Whitelabel
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Looking for full source code?

Restaurant app & web

Full features restaurant app & Web

Restaurants are notified instantly with new orders, they can accept OR reject orders

After accepting the order, restaurants can choose how long they need to prepare an order! That reduces couriers waiting time and effecient delivery

Restaurants are able to see all their past orders, total sales, popular dishes and more

You can allow restaurants to dispatch orders to their own couriers or choose to use your couriers to deliver their orders

Your restaurants are able to insert new dishes, remove dishes, update prices etc.

Built in invoice generating system for your restaurants, you can choose to bill them every week, 2 weeks or month, all invoices are VAT prepared and in accordance with accounting standards


Courier app Android & iOS

Full of features

Drivers can login when they want, either allow them to work in shifts or Uber model

Drivers are presented with navigation to restaurant and once they collected food, the navigation present road to the client

You can adjust either pay couriers per delivery or per miles driven. All from Super Admin panel

Drivers can report through the app if they stuck in traffic or had car problem.


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#1 European leader in delivery solutions

Grocery Delivery

With our grocery delivery solution, you can get your grocery delivery startup live and running in 1 week!

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Pharmacy Delivery

Using our white label solution you can launch your own pharmacy delivery startup with leading delivery system by Zeew.

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Single Store with Dispatcher

With our Single store dedicated apps you can manager orders, dispatch to your couriers and more.

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All in one

All in one delivery app consists of Food delivery, Grocery delivery and Others delivery. Fill the form below

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Some technologies & Integrations

Some of tech used to build our script & 3rd party tools integrated

SMS Integration









Fully customizable Web & Apps with your own branding

Eater Web Ordering

Your users can find the nearest restaurants and choose their favorite food items. They can add the food items in the cart and place an order.

Eater App iOS & Android

Clean, Unique, smooth and fast ordering process for your clients

Restaurant App & Web

Using our restaurant app, all restaurants will be able to manage all their orders, sales, profits, invoices, menues, choose cooking time needed and more

Super Admin panel

Dashboard for admin is to view total orders, commissions, turnover and sales details, insert restaurants, menues, clients, invoices, and more.

Are you a startup?

Demo video Demo video
Demo video

Demo video

In this video we will show the full cycle of eater placing an order

Our process

Get your food delivery app startup live in 3 simple steps

Initial contact

Initial contact

Get in touch with us, we will talk about your idea and what is the best way to achieve it. Either SAAS model or purchase of full source code

Client requirments

Client requirments

We will discuss with you requirments and if you need any customization to the existing product, will give you qoute and timeline if necessary

Going live

Going live

Your food delivery startup can go live in 1 week, you have came to the right place!

Restaurant app video demo Restaurant app video demo
Restaurant app video demo

Restaurant app video demo

In this video we will show how the restaurants view order and select needed time to prepare

Startups using our system
world wide.

  • Egypt
  • Denmark
  • United kingdom
  • Slovenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kosovo

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Yes, we do. Please fill the form on our website to discuss your requirments and give you a qoute

We built it for ourselves before offering it to the public, Zeew started in 2017 as on demand delivery company operating in Latvia, after 2 years of operations we perfected our product, solving pain points for clients and restaurants.

Yes, if you choose SAAS Model (Monthly) we will support you lifetime because we will be hosting the technology on our servers, and ofcours in SAAS model your apps will have your branding etc.

2. if you choose full source code option we will provide you with 6 month free technical support for bugs and errors. afterwards we are able to agree on monthly support retainer if you still needs us.

You will need a dedicated server. Any Linux based server will work, However we recommend AWS or DigitalOcean.

Yes, our script is flexible. You can customize the code according to your requirements.

Zeew food delivery script allows anyone to start a food delivery business almost immediatly.

Our solution comes with a well designed client app to navigate nearby restaurants and cafes, Choose an item and place an order.

It comes with amazing features tackling the pain points for both clients and restaurants,

Some of the key features are individual Restaurant management, menu managment, menu Customization, restaurants nearby, billing, taxation and more.

Our solution comes with a powerful admin panel to make it easy for you to manage your delivery business.

With that being said, we are also constantly adding new features to our system to keep it #1 food delivery clone in market.

Our vision

We been in food delivery business for almost 3 years, We noticed the gap between technology owned by big players and available tech for small companies, available systems were outdated, broken and ugly, that is why we developed Zeewscript to bring european product quality to startups who wish to enter food delviery business at fraction of cost.

Mohamed Ghaith
CEO & Founder @ZeewSIA


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