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Build any kind of online ordering platform
Fully Automated, logistics & delivery technology

Zeew platform can be used to create any kind of market place, fully white label


Create a seamless online food ordering & delivery experience either as a Market place or single store with branches or centralized menu


Suitable for both Grocery stores and Grocery market place with a centralized menu which dispatch orders to the nearest store that can fulfill the order


Create a seamless online medicine ordering and delivery experience for your customers with centralized menu & order fulfillment by the nearest pharmacy to the delivery location.


Using our ordering system you can start selling any kind of product, as long as there is a store and an item to be sold

Local Retail Shops

Reach out to more clients, use our royality points to retain, push notifications and drive traffic to your business

Last mile Delivery

Allows you to offer on-demand courier service, start a delivery courier business in your area, set delivery zones and charges

Fashion delivery

Using our ordering system you can sell and deliver fashion products, either you are a single store or a market place, we got you covered.

Construction materials

Build your construction materials market place in few clicks, including weight, volume, hight, width, and car capacity and more


Build your own electronics market place in less than 30 seconds including apps

Doctor appointments

Start your own Doctor appointments platform with Zeew, allow users to book time slots for services and pay online

Beauty salons

Start taking online bookings for your beauty salon or services, either through your own website or mobile apps

Car spare parts

Start your own spare parts market place, allow users to buy online through your own website or mobile app

Accept Orders in 3 ways

Website + Apps

With our ordering website you can start accepting orders immediately through our user friendly web interface, also using our both native Android and iOS ordering apps.

QR Ordering

Direct users to place orders using QR code and manage the service delivery according to your settings

Drive-in + Dine-in

A location allows drive in? No problem, with our system you can collect information such as car number and other to make seamless ordering experience for your clients

Last-mile Integrations

Outsource to couriers

Stuart is the leading on-demand solution powering the way goods are transported in a customised way, operating in 90 cities.

Manage your own fleet

Let automation improve your fleet's efficiency Cordic technology makes daily operations smooth and accurate, and their despatch algorithm makes journeys fast and efficient. Speak to us today to find out how we can transform your business.

Manage your own fleet

Auto assign of orders to the nearest driver, auto assign to a batch, auto assign to a region and more. With Zeew Algorithm you can fully automate your order dispatching and it comes as a part of 1 system

Looking to start a

Ordering platform like UberEats Zomato Instacart Wolt Bolt Food Swiggy Food Panda Etsy

Zeew system provides you the flexibility to pick and choose the features. Only Pay for what you need.

Wow your clients with a high quality Ordering website and a custom branded Mobile App of your business. Choose what you need:

  • Online ordering website
  • Native Android app
  • Native iOS app
  • Facebook ordering
  • Voice, text and image ordering
  • Request courier delivery

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+500 Features in your admin panel:

  • Dispatcher included
  • Promotions, vouchers, offers etc.
  • Referral credits
  • Wallet top up using card OR pre-paid code
  • Delivery cost conditioning, if order if less than X amount delivery charges Y etc.
  • Charge vendors % from sales OR fixed monthly fee
  • Surgecharge for busy times
  • Define delivery zones by circles or polygon
  • Customize apps and web branding and more
  • Activate printers per store
  • Activate analytics events to measure popular items, most active vendors, clients behaviour +24 other events

+ so much more

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Empower your vendors with rich features

  • Web admin and dashboad
  • Vendor Android app
  • In Stock / Out of Stock
  • Accept / Reject Orders
  • Upload Menus
  • Dispatch orders to store’s own drivers

All you need to manage drivers:

  • Live Dispatcher
  • Tasks Auto-assign
  • Driver Earnings report
  • Driver reveiws
  • 3 Modes of driver earnings, per order, per KM or % from delivery charges

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Some Premium Features

Fixed monthly Retainer

You can charge vendors % from sales OR Fixed monthly fee. Also choose invoice intervals

Surge charge

Allows you to increase / decrease delivery charges in busy hours or celebration days in your city

Condition delivery

Set different delivery charges based on order amount,  if over X then delivery charges Y etc.

Fully Customizable

Our apps are native, we can build/customize any features of your choice on an hourly basis.

Servers in EU

You own your data, our AWS servers located in EU, we also can move you to another up on request

New Features all the time

We have clients from +116 countries, we continuously building new features and you can plug play in minutes

Unique features

Some crazy ordering methods we have

The Future is voice ordering, not only clients can order from listed vendors but also they can send you voice note or their order

Voice Ordering

Allow users to order by sending you voice note

Text Ordering

Allow users to order by sending you a text

Image Ordering

Allow users to order by sending an image

Request A Courier

Request a courier to pick up and deliver an item

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Why choose Zeew
over others?

Your Business is your Baby, Choose your Tech partner wisely

Other providers


Fixed features, doesn’t allow customisations. 

No Fixed Fee

They either charge per store, or per order or per task 

24h Support

Theoretically yes but actually you won’t be getting a reply in case of emergency


Fully customisable, we can build any feature you want on hourly basis of development

Fixed Fee

Unlimited Stores, Unlimited Items. No surprises culture

24h Support

We are actually available 24/7 you can even talk directly to our CEO on Whatsapp at buttom left of this page

Payments Integrated Stripe PayPal PayTabs Moyasar Alrajhi Bank M-Tala Ipay88  Paypipes Bluesnap Izipay

Accepts card payments in 1 day

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Automatic Printing Bluetooth Enabled No coding

+80 compatible printers

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Technology Platform for On-Demand Businesses.

Including Apps for Users, Store Owners, Administrators,

Drivers for Real-time Tracking and more, to increase your income.

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Bring your business online today in few minutes, subscribe and get your store, marketplace, grocery, food, pharmacy created automatically.

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What do people say
about us?

Hear it from other founders

Mshari Alghannam
Mshari AlghannamCEO Hurry Bunny
Read More
The idea of using the software and having the chance to do a dry run on a SAAS version helped a lot with the decision making. Having said that, Zeew addressed the pain points that we faced with previous software solutions. Showed potential for innovation. Zeew gave us almost all the online marketplace base features along with few unconventional and unique features like (Reject order for a "reason") or continue the order while there's (out of stock item) these options are available on the Restaurant's POS.
Simoras Savukynas
Simoras SavukynasHead of business development Cili pizza
Read More
Provided a solution which we were looking to have.

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What happens after my Purchase?

After we receive your payment, you will automatically be redirected to your super admin where you can see the on-boarding steps you need to follow.

Can I switch plans later on?

Yes, absolutely. Anytime. Remaining credit will be applied.

How do I get paid?

You can choose between any of our available payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe, ZeewPay, PayPipes and more.

Inside your super admin you can go to Merchant settings and setup your merchant ID or apply for underwritting to start accepting card payments.

All sales goes directly to your account, we do not take anything from it.


Do I need my own Google Maps API keys?

Yes, it is important to have your own Google Maps API Keys. You can use the Google Maps APIs on both commercial and non-profit websites as long as your site meets the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service. Most of our customers fit into the free google maps pricing package. For more details please visit

Can I use this system on my Country or City?

Yes ofcours, our systems can work anywhere in the world and it comes in 11 languages 

Can Zeew apps comes in my language?

Yes, we give you the strings in EN inside super admin and you can translate them to any language you want.

Do you have printers integrated?

Yes, view this list and if your printer is not listed, we can integrate it for a one-time fee of $699.

Do you offer customisation and development services?

Yes, we do. we can build anything for you on an hourly basis.

Do you offer payment integrations?

Yes, we can integrate any payment provider of your choice for a fixed fee and it takes around 2 weeks to implement.

How many locations can I have on my platform?

You can have unlimited locations/vendors in one city

Do I need to have any designer/programmer knowledge to change my design?

No, you can customize your website design as well as apps colors and logos from the super admin, it is very easy to do.

Do I need my Own Developer Account for Appstore & Google Play?

Yes, due to a recent Apple policy change, for the apps to be approved, you will need your own Apple Developer & Google Play Developer Account. You can learn more about the developer memberships here:
Apple: will work) $99/yearly.
Google Play: $25 One time payment.

Is this software GDPR compliant?

Yes, is GDPR compliant, we give you full transparency about your data, you own full right to delete your data and the data of your users anytime. If you have more questions about this, please contact us. We can help you.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, if you choose SAAS Model (Monthly) we will support you lifetime because we will be hosting the technology on our servers, and of course in the SAAS model your apps will have your branding, etc.

2. if you choose the full source code option we will provide you with 3 months of free technical support for bugs and errors. afterward, you can subscribe to the $499 monthly support plugin

How long does it take to be up and running

Mostly 1 week depending if you have your payment solution in place or not, if you require customization you will be informed about expected delivery date and you are able to monitor the progress of your project through a took we provide you.

How much does your solution cost?

Please refer to our pricing page for up to date pricing.

What makes Zeew food delivery system different from others?

We built it for ourselves before offering it to the public, Zeew started in 2017 as on demand delivery company operating in Latvia, after 3 years of operations we perfected our product, solving pain points for clients and restaurants.

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