Some features could be found below, for more please read our product documentation

Instant order notification

  • Instant Order notifications are received by restaurant owners about new orders placed by the customers. When they receive these notifications, they can pass them to their internal order management system and then process the orders.

New order list

  • An overview of how many new orders have been placed by the customers can be displayed and orders per month/ per week can also be extracted. Different customers will be grouped and restaurant owners will be able to get an overview which customers are mainly influenced the revenue in different sales, offices per month.

Accepted orders list

  • Orders that are accepted by restaurant owners are listed. Get accurate & up-to-date order reports of your online store to analyze sales statistics including total customers, total orders, revenue, etc.

Delivered orders list

  • List of orders that are delivered to the customers are displayed under this option to the restaurant owners.

Restaurant Owner Settings

  • Profile: Restaurant owner has the option of creating an account and are provided with Admin access. All their details are saved under admin records. Restaurant owners can maintain their settings and can add, edit details.
  • Change Password: This webpage will allow the restaurant owners to update the password. To update the password, restaurant owners are required to provide the old password and then new password can be updated by inserting twice.
  • Logout: This option allows the restaurant owners to log out from the settings page.

Order Status

  • Accept/ Cancel: The order status page is the final page of online restaurant’s checkout. Restaurant owners can accept or reject the order of the customers.
  • Reason for cancellation: Restaurant owners can set reason for cancelling the orders of customers. Restaurant owners can send Emails to the customers regarding cancellation with appropriate reasons.

Assign order to the driver

  • Restaurant owner can assign a delivery order to a driver. They can select one or multiple orders and assign them to a driver.

Order History

  • Filter by day, month, week and year: It’s a tool that helps restaurant owners to boost and maintain the profitability of their business. As it is an online based tool one can access anywhere and at anytime. the completed order list is well tracked daily, weekly, monthly and provides enhanced financial monitoring. Report on orders per month/ per week can be extracted.
  • Filter by date picker: Restaurant owners can filter the order list using date picker widget. Restaurant owner can track and analyze their business, flexible with good security and daily balancing control.