Businesses are always looking for ways to improve customer service, streamline operations and keep up with the fast-paced digital age. This often means finding the right balance between maintaining personal touch while embracing technological advances. Enter Zeew’s licensing solution. It is a game changer for single-stores looking to move into the digital world without having to learn coding. We’ll explore how Zeew revolutionizes the single-store experience.

1. No Coding, Fully automated

Zeew’s license solution stands out for its promise that “No coding. Fully automated.” It means that store owners do not need to have any technical knowledge in order to create their online ordering system. The system is intuitive and pre-built. This allows businesses to transition seamlessly online.

2. You can create a free ordering website for your business

Zeew knows the importance of brand recognition. They offer a free website for ordering that can be tailored to reflect each store’s unique branding. It not only improves the online shopping experience for customers, but also strengthens their brand loyalty.

3. Zero Commission, Maximum Profits

Zeew is unique in an industry where third party platforms take large commissions. Zeew offers zero commission apps and websites. All sales are sent directly to the retailer’s account. This maximizes profits and ensures sustainability.

4. Comprehensive Business Management Tools

Zeew’s all-in one system gives store owners all the tools needed to effectively manage their business. Everything is available to the store owner, from unlimited menus and order management to driver management.

5. Customer Loyalty & Retention

Zeew’s platform encourages customer loyalty by delivering 90% of its orders from repeat customers. Stores can increase their sales by offering an easy-to-use online ordering system.

6. Data Security and Ownership

Zeew gives store owners full control over their data in an age where privacy is a priority. Data security and compliance is guaranteed with servers in the EU, and the ability to switch to another server on request.

7. Continuous Innovation

Zeew’s dedication to innovation can be seen in the constant feature updates. They cater to clients in over 116 different countries and are always on the cutting edge of industry trends.

8. Diverse business models

Zeew is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of business models, whether you want to sell groceries, medicines, electronics, food or even offer last-mile deliveries. This flexibility allows single stores to diversify their products and generate new revenue streams.

9. Transparent Pricing

Zeew’s transparent and clear pricing model ensures there are no hidden fees. The store owner can select the services he or she needs and pay only for what is used.

10. A Track Record of Success

Zeew has a unique advantage because it was founded as an on-demand company. They have been in the business since 2017 and understand the needs and challenges of small stores. Their comprehensive and user-friendly platforms reflect this expertise.

Zeew’s licensing solution gives single-stores an unmatched opportunity to embrace digitalization. It’s a comprehensive, zero-coding solution that will transform the way small businesses operate.


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