#1 On demand Grocery delivery system

#1 On demand Grocery delivery system

With our grocery delivery solution, you can get your grocery delivery startup live and running in 1 week!

Using our white label solution you can launch your own Grocery delivery startup with leading delivery system by Zeew.

European product quality guranteed!

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Client Web Ordering
Grocery Store Web
Super Admin

Using our client web ordering app, users are able to see near by Grocery stores/restaurants, built their cart and place an order.

Users are able to track thier order steps, see thier wallet balance, referrals and more.

Choose location Riga, Lativa.

  1. Login: tester3@zeew.eu
  2. Pass: kokowawa

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Using our restaurant web admin, restaurant owners can over see total sales, edit menues, dispatch orders to their couriers (if you allow from super admin), see invoices and more.

  1. Login: brod@zeew.eu
  2. Pass: 123

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Using our Super admin panel you are able to over see all operations, sales, restaurants, couriers, invoices, customers, rewards, Multi language, payments, dispatcher and more.

  1. Login: tester@zeew.eu
  2. Pass: kokowawa

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Pricing Table

One platform fits all.

Orders Basic
Ecommerce model
$99 / month
    1. Client web ordering
    2. Super admin
    3. Restaurant admin
Free trial
Orders Pro
+$299 setup fee
$399 / month
    1. Client web ordering

    2. Super admin

    3. Restaurant/store admin

    4. Courier app android

    5. Courier app iOS

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Gold All In One
+299 setup fee
$599 / month
    1. Client ordering Web
    2. Super admin
    3. Restaurant/store admin
    4. Kitchen app (Android)
    5. Client app (Android)
    6. Client app (iOS)
    7. Courier app (Android)
    8. Courier app (iOS)
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Restaurant app video demo
Restaurant app video demo
Restaurant app video demo

Restaurant app video demo

In this video we will show how the restaurants view order and select needed time to prepare

Looking for full source code?

Fully customizable Web & Apps with your own branding

Cllient Web Ordering

Your users can find the nearest grocery stores and choose their grocery items Meat, fish, vegitables, milk products, baby etc. They can add the items in the cart and place an order.

Client App iOS & Android

Clean, Unique, smooth and fast ordering process for your clients

Grocery store App & Web

Using our grocery store app, all stores will be able to manage all their orders, sales, profits, invoices, items, choose preparation time needed and more

Super Admin panel

Dashboard for admin is to view total orders, commissions, turnover and sales details, insert stores, items, clients, invoices, and more.

Our process

Get your food delivery app startup live in 3 simple steps

Sign up

Sign up

Sign up and subscribe to your preferred package with 14 days FREE trial

Configure your store

Configure your store

Login to your super admin, adjust your store settings & apply for ZeewPay to accept credit card payments

Going live

Going live

That's it! your store is up and running

Some technologies & Integrations

Some of tech used to build our script & 3rd party tools integrated

SMS Integration






Swift 5



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Bring your business online today in few minutes, subscribe and get your store, marketplace, grocery, food, pharmacy created automatically.

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