Startups are always looking for innovative solutions in today’s digitally-driven world. They want to be ahead of the game. Zeew’s licensing model is one such solution which has made waves in the delivery sector. What makes it special? We’ll explore why Zeew is changing the way startups in the delivery industry operate.


1. Startups can benefit from a tailored solution

Zeew is well-aware of the challenges that startups face. Zeew’s platform is robust and flexible, as it focuses on offering solutions to startups, stores and chains, and online marketplaces. It allows emerging businesses to adapt to ever-changing market dynamics, without compromising their efficiency.


2. Europe’s Leading Licensing Company

Zeew is proud to be Europe’s top licensing company for white label delivery solutions. This speaks volumes for its credibility, but also assures startup companies that it is a tried-and-tested solution.


3. Instant Start, No Coding

The technical side of managing and setting up a platform is a major obstacle for startups. Zeew removes this obstacle by providing an automated deployment system which does not require any coding. Startups can have their platform running instantly, allowing for them to concentrate on their core operations.


4. A Global Presence

Zeew is truly global with a presence in more than 100 countries. Startups can leverage this vast network to reach a larger audience and expand their reach.

5. Features that will give you a competitive edge

Zeew has a wide range of features that are tailored to the needs of different businesses. The platform can handle everything from home services, food delivery, pharmacy delivery and online shopping. This versatility gives startups a competitive edge by allowing them the ability to cater to a wider market segment and diversify their offerings.

6. No Commissions, Financial Freedom

Zeew’s financial model is one of its most distinctive features. Startups do not have to pay any commissions. This ensures that they keep all of their revenue. This is an important advantage for startups that want to maximize profits.


7. Continuous Innovation

Zeew does not exist as a static platform. Zeew is constantly evolving with regular updates to its features. Startups will always be able to access the latest technologies and tools, allowing them to stay ahead of their competition.

8. Empowering startups with data

It is essential to have access to analytics and insights in today’s data driven world. Zeew gives startups detailed insight into sales, orders, users and more.


A reliable and efficient platform is essential in a world of startups constantly competing for market share. Zeew offers a licensing model that does just that. Zeew’s comprehensive features, global reach, and commitment towards innovation make it the first choice of many startups in the delivery sector.


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