#1 Online Ordering System For Restaurants
#1 Online Ordering System For Restaurants

#1 Online Ordering System For Restaurants

With our Restaurant dedicated apps you will get your own restaurant app, your own courier app to dispatch orders to your delivery persons, manage orders, invoices, creditcard payments and more.

90% of your customers are repeated customers, they just use other delivery apps to order from you!

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Eater Web Ordering
Store Web
Super Admin
Using our client web ordering app, users are able to see near by restaurants, built their cart and place an order. Users are able to track thier order steps, see thier wallet balance, referrals and more. Choose location Riga, Lativa.
  1. Login: tester3@zeew.eu
  2. Pass: kokowawa
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Using our restaurant web admin, restaurant owners can over see total sales, edit menues, dispatch orders to their couriers (if you allow from super admin), see invoices and more.
  1. Login: candycorner@zeew.net
  2. Pass: 123
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Using our Super admin panel you are able to over see all operations, sales, restaurants, couriers, invoices, customers, rewards, Multi language, payments, dispatcher and more.
  1. Login: tester@zeew.eu
  2. Pass: kokowawa
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Your branded apps:
1. Client App Android
2. Client App iOS
3. Your own website
4. Courier App android
5. Courier App iOS
6. Kitchen App Android
7. Super Admin web

Some technologies & Integrations

Some of tech used to build our script & 3rd party tools integrated

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