Today’s fast-paced world demands fast and efficient delivery services that meet consumer expectations for food, groceries, medicine, and any other product or service orders to arrive swiftly and seamlessly. Startups looking to enter this competitive field must select an effective platform such as Zeew – an all-encompassing solution tailored specifically for startups, store chains and marketplaces – in order to be successful. Let’s examine what makes Zeew the right solution for any budding delivery venture. 


1. Europe’s Premier Licensing Company for White Label Delivery Solutions


Zeew stands out as Europe’s premier licensing company offering white label delivery solutions, meaning startups can leverage Zeew’s robust platform while maintaining their individual brand identities. Furthermore, this automated deployment feature makes starting operations quick and painless!

2. Versatility at Its Finest


Zeew’s platform goes far beyond food delivery – offering solutions such as:

Home Services: Zeew provides an easy platform for booking appointments and filtering service providers for an on-demand service experience. Pharmacy Delivery: Orders placed through Zeew are filled by pharmacies nearby for on-time medicine delivery.

E-commerce: Startups can sell any item using Zeew’s ordering system, as long as there’s an item to sell and a store from which to do it. Chains & Franchises: Increase traffic with royalty points, push notifications, and more from Zeew.
Last Mile Delivery: Utilizing Zeew’s comprehensive delivery solution, offer on-demand courier services with customizable zones and charges with its flexible last mile delivery solution.


3. Global Reach


Zeew powers brands in over 100 countries around the globe. If you have ever ordered home delivery service anywhere around the globe, chances are good that Zeew’s system was already at work when fulfilling it.


4. Customization and Flexibility


Zeew understands that every startup has different requirements. As such, they offer fully developed and functional e-commerce solutions with customizable features, multilingual support and native apps whose features can be built or modified to suit them perfectly.

5. Financial Benefits Zeew ensures startups retain all of their revenue by not charging commissions, with flexible payment plans including options to buy out the full source code.


6. Consistent Innovation


Zeew goes beyond providing just a platform; they strive for continuous innovation by constantly adding new features that ensure startups have access to cutting edge tools and technologies to remain ahead in a fiercely competitive delivery market.


7.Why Select Zeew? 


There are multiple advantages associated with Zeew’s platform that make it unique:

  • No Commission: Sales revenue goes directly into your startup’s account.
    Insights: Stay ahead of your game with comprehensive insights into orders, sales, reporting and more.
  • Customizations: Make changes directly through the super admin panel on website design, app colors or logos directly related to sales revenue.
  • Technical Support: Zeew offers robust technical support services to startups, ensuring no delays occur in their operations.



Zeew provides the ideal platform for startups aiming to make an impression in the delivery arena, with its comprehensive features, global reach, and commitment to innovation – ideal for startup delivery ventures looking to break through in their respective industries. Take the plunge with Zeew today and change how products and services are distributed!

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