Businesses are always looking for ways to stay on top of the digital curve. This is especially true in the delivery industry. Zeew is one company that has made waves in the delivery sector. Zeew’s licensing model allows it to offer tailored delivery apps for businesses of any size. This blog post will explore Zeew’s licensing model, and how it could benefit your business.


1. Zeew


Zeew, Europe’s largest licensing company of white-label solutions for delivery, is a leading provider in Europe. Their platform was designed for startups as well as stores, chains and marketplaces. Zeew allows businesses to deploy their delivery solution without having to code, so they can start right away. Zeew’s main focus is on delivering products and services on demand, which makes it the ideal solution for companies looking to improve their delivery capabilities.


2. Zeew Licensing Model


Zeew’s licensing model is about flexibility and scaling. What makes it unique?


  • White Label Solutions Zeew provides white label delivery solutions. This means that businesses can brand their apps. It is important for consistency and brand recognition.
  • Automatic Deployment With Zeew there is no need to code. Businesses can immediately deploy their delivery applications, allowing them to get started right away.
  • Global Reach Zeew solutions are used by over 100 countries. Businesses can rely on the platform because of its global presence.


3. Customized for every Business Size


Zeew is a platform that caters to all businesses. Here’s how:


  • For Startups New businesses can take advantage of Zeew’s online ordering platform. It is a great tool to start their delivery operation without heavy investments.
  • Stores Individual stores can create an online ordering experience that is seamless, whether it’s for groceries, food, or other products.
  • For Chains & Franchises Larger businesses can use Zeew’s features to streamline operations, provide loyalty points and increase traffic to their outlets.
  • Marketplaces Zeew’s platform allows you to create any type of marketplace. This is ideal for businesses that want to aggregate vendors or service providers.


4. Diverse Delivery Solutions


Zeew doesn’t only deliver food. They offer solutions for:


  • Online Pharmacy Ordering: Centralized menus for ordering medicines online.
  • Home Services : Marketplaces for on-demand services with features such as filtering service providers, appointment booking and more.
  • Ecommerce is a robust system to sell any product.
  • Last mile delivery: For companies looking to provide on-demand courier service.


5. Why choose Zeew?


Zeew is a great option for businesses.


  • Source Code Ownership & IP Rights Businesses have full control of the code as well as intellectual property rights.
  • Timely Updates: Regular upgrades and new features are based on the global market needs.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: Every client has a dedicated account manager to assist with any questions or concerns.




Zeew’s licensing model is a breath fresh air in a world of timely and efficient deliveries that can make or ruin a business.With solutions tailored for every business size and a focus on flexibility, scalability, and support, Zeew is undoubtedly a top choice for businesses looking to enhance their delivery operations.


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