Zeew, a technology partner specializing in delivering fully developed and customized apps and websites, played a pivotal role in the success story of Menu2Go. Menu2Go, a food delivery marketplace based in Monclova, northern Mexico, caters to its local audience through a website and mobile applications for both iPhone and Android devices.
This case study delves into the challenges faced by Menu2Go and how Zeew’s technological solutions helped overcome them.

Business Plan:


Menu2Go recognized the emotional need for comfort around food and eating at home, setting it apart from competitors focused on food delivery, grocery delivery, or restaurant table reservations. As a well-designed marketplace, Menu2Go serves both restaurants and customers, making it easy for restaurants to register and customers to order from local eateries.


Revenue Stream:


Menu2Go’s revenue primarily comes from commissions charged to restaurants (10-20% on each order) and delivery fees from customers. Additionally, it generates advertising revenue by allowing restaurants to promote themselves, enhancing their reach and driving more orders.


Challenges Faced by Menu2Go:


Menu2Go encountered a set of challenges that Zeew’s technological solutions effectively addressed:


User Experience

Zeew ensured a user-friendly app for customers with intuitive navigation and an enhanced design, delivering a positive and enticing user experience.

The ordering process was streamlined to require minimal clicks, and real-time information about restaurant availability based on user location was integrated. Real-time updates on orders and deliveries were provided, with seamless communication between users, restaurants, and delivery departments. Personalized notifications and promotional coupons based on user behavior further enhanced the user experience.


Restaurants’ Engagement

Zeew developed an enticing platform to attract restaurants, simplifying the registration and order acceptance process. The payment system’s reliability was ensured, building trust with restaurant partners. Restaurant listings were verified and enriched with detailed information, including accurate estimates of preparation and delivery times. A user-friendly dashboard was created for restaurants to manage their operations, while food quality and delivery time standards were monitored and maintained. Strategies to increase order volume and a hassle-free payment system were implemented to ensure timely payments for completed orders.

Delivery Management

Zeew improved geo-location accuracy to facilitate seamless food delivery, implemented quality control measures for food handling and timely deliveries, and maintained an ample fleet of delivery partners during peak hours. The order assignment process was refined to minimize delays.


Order-Taking Channels

Zeew’s technology streamlined the order taking, processing, and delivery processes with three integrated applications. Instant order notifications were provided for restaurant owners, along with new order lists, accepted order lists, and delivered order lists. Restaurant owners gained the ability to assign orders to delivery drivers, and tools for order history analysis empowered them to optimize profitability.


Project Timeline


Zeew transformed Menu2Go in just one week by developing three integrated applications to handle orders, streamline operations, and enhance the overall user experience.




Zeew’s technological solutions played a critical role in addressing Menu2Go’s challenges and transforming it into a successful food delivery marketplace. The partnership between Zeew and Menu2Go not only simplified the operations for restaurants and customers but also contributed to the emotional comfort around food and eating at home, making it a lucrative business for all stakeholders involved. If you want to explore how Zeew can help your business, schedule a demo with us today!

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