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Are you a foodie or running out of groceries at home? In 3 clicks get your favorite food or groceries delivered to you by HurryBunny. HurryBunny is a food and grocery delivery app that enables users to order their favorite meals from listed restaurants and cafes. HurryBunny as a platform has thoroughly focused on providing its users with a convenient and user-friendly experience.


HurryBunny is an Online Food Ordering & Delivering Business in Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2018, this is a SAAS Product developed to serve its audience with the best technology and user experience. They serve a larger audience set that does not want to wait in queues and wants to get their favorite meals delivered home and enjoy it in a relaxed place like home!




Business Plan


The business model of Hurry Bunny is quite simple. The cycle starts with a customer finding a restaurant or supermarket on the app or website and placing an order at their desired place. The vendor accepts the order, prepares and packs it, and hands it over to the delivery executive from HurryBunny. Once the delivery executive collects the order, they deliver it to the customer’s address.


As easy as it sounds, the entire process has been simplified with cutting-edge technology from Zeew that continuously focuses on improving the overall user experience. The food and grocery delivery segment is very unorganized and has a lot of scope for improvement. During the development of the product, one thing HurryBunny learned was the problem of time. It took a lot of time for independent restaurants and supermarkets to fulfill orders, as there was no proper framework to follow and achieve. The founders of HurryBunny took this gap as an opportunity to build a product.


Revenue Stream:


  • Commissions: The majority of HurryBunny’s revenue is earned through businesses. They charge restaurants 10-20% on each order as a Commission to deliver orders and act as the vendor’s delivery partner.
  • Delivery Fee: The other revenue stream is to charge customers a delivery fee.
  • Advertising Revenue – HurryBunny is the right channel for restaurants and supermarkets to advertise on and reach their audiences. This can help them improve their reach and get more orders.


Challenges faced by HurryBunny


As a brand, HurryBunny tries to develop continuously and offer the best features for both – customers (who order food) and businesses (who prepare meals). From offering loyalty points to special deals to sharing order updates, updating menu items and prices to orders delivered to customer reviews, and more.


User’s Side:


  1. Providing a positive user experience of the mobile application or website.
  2. Providing users with information on restaurants, menu items, prices, reviews, delivery time, and more.
  3. To provide real-time information regarding order updates.
  4. To showcase serviceable and nearby restaurants based on the user’s mobile location.
  5. To deliver the food on time and in the right condition.
  6. Having enough fleet of delivery partners during peak hours to deliver the food/grocery orders in the stipulated amount of time.
  7. Providing them with personalized and timely notifications and offers.


The health and hygiene aspect. Therefore for this challenge, HurryBunny introduced a feature tagging “Verified” Badges to restaurants that meet Hygiene Standards described



Business Side:


  1. To list restaurants with detailed information and verify them.
  2. To calculate the anticipated time to prepare meals and deliver them.
  3. To provide every restaurant with a proper dashboard to track orders, and reviews, customize menu items and prices, availability, and more.
  4. HurryBunny needs to train the restaurant manager on how to navigate the dashboard and keep them updated on new changes and features.
  5. Every restaurant is assigned an account manager to handle any issues/challenges raised by the restaurants.
  6. HurryBunny needs to ensure that the restaurants or businesses listed on their channel gain visibility and orders.
  7. Payments – how the payments are credited to the restaurant’s accounts and completed on time.
  8. Vendors are listed on more than one platform, and HurryBunny needs to provide them with the best options to keep the vendors satisfied.


Delivery Side:


  1. Delivery Executive handles the food/product rightly and delivers it in the right condition.
  2. The order is assigned to the right delivery executive who is near the restaurant and not occupied with any other deliveries. At times, orders are assigned wrongly to the delivery executives, and that delays the delivery of the products.
  3. The address of the restaurant and customers are rightly mapped and provide the delivery executive with proper directions.

Order Taking Channels:


HurryBunny chose Zeew as the technology partner and was able to use the perfectly designed features for online food delivery and marketplaces. HurryBunny built an Android App and an Apple for IoS users, along with a mobile-friendly website. The apps and the website are the channels through which they take orders and process them. With sophisticated third-party channel integrations and payment integrations, HurryBunny can process end-to-end food delivery smoothly.


They have built 3 applications to drive one order. The first app is a customer-facing application to place orders, the second app/dashboard that the vendor accesses to process orders and manage their listing, and the third app is accessed by delivery agents to update order delivery status, show their availability and location, and more. All this is designed in a package with customized features offered by Zeew. They understand the space rightly and have developed a seamless ordering flow:


  1. Order Processing
  2. Restaurant Management
  3. Delivery Management
  4. Super Admin with 500+ features.

Time taken to complete the project:

1 week


About Zeew:


Zeew is the tech partner that offers fully developed and functional apps and websites with a range of customized features for varied businesses ranging from on-demand services, to food delivery businesses, online marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, and more. Get started by booking a demo with them!


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