Case Study: Menu2Go – A Successful Market Place in Mexico

Who are Menu2Go  Menu2Go started out in Monclova in northern Mexico. It’s an all-delivery marketplace around food, servicing their local northern Mexican audience via their website as well as iPhone and Android apps. You can order a pizza from a nearby restaurant or a sushi or anything else. It allows you to explore restaurants in

Case Study: Foodify – On-Demand Delivery Market Place in Romania

About Foodify: Hungry and craving delicious food delivered to your home? Look nowhere and just Foodify it! Yes, Foodify is an on-demand service platform that aims to replace traditional ordering and deliver food at home. Did you know? All deliveries are made with 100% electric cars. Foodify does not just deal with food delivery but

Case Study: Hurry Bunny, A Successful Food & Grocery Delivery Market Place

About Hurry Bunny Are you a foodie or running out of groceries at home? In 3 clicks get your favorite food or groceries delivered to you by HurryBunny. HurryBunny is a food and grocery delivery app that enables users to order their favorite meals from listed restaurants and cafes. HurryBunny as a platform has thoroughly